Why is that we give so much of our soul to men who deserve it the very least?

Why is that each time we do so, we swear we never would again yet continue to do so?

Why is it that some men feel the need to treat women with the utmost disrespect?

Yet why when a great man crosses our path, we hardly ever follow?

Why is it the bad boys constantly grab our attention?

Yet we are constantly surprised when they do not meet our expectations?

Why do we continue to allow men to treat us everything but a queen?

But why when we are treated like queens, do we begin to question his actions?

Why is it that their touch, kiss, words always draw us back in, but there is nothing

substantial to keep the relationship strong?

Why is it when the relationship is substantial, it feels overbearing?

Its because nothing ever feels like enough when you’re not content with yourself. 

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